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Latex Formula Sealant

Touch 'n Foam Easy Fill is an easy-to-use acrylic insulating foam that cleans up with soap and water. It contains three times the adhesion strength of the leading competitor and can be used on wood, drywall, plaster, metal and plastic. And it won't over-expand like ordinary polyurethane foam. Use Easy Fill to fill gaps and control drafts, dust and pests – especially around baseboards and plumbing fixtures. Touch 'n Foam Easy Fill can be tooled or molded (wet or dry) and accepts spackling or joint compound, making it ideal for patch and repair work.

Easy Fill Window and door sealant

• Won't stick to hands – soap & water clean-up
• Superior adhesion
• Over 500 feet of product in each can
• Toolable
• Cures in less than 24 hours
• Non-shrinking/sagging
• Can be painted with latex or oil-based paint
• Bright white
• Won't over-expand

EasyFill MSDS