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Gel Foam Construction Adhesive

Touch ‘n Foam Professional® has launched Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. This all-weather, one-component gel foam adhesive yields 10 times the coverage of traditional construction adhesives. Go the distance on your next project with Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. Builder Series products are designed for the exacting needs of professional builders and contractors.

Touch ‘n Foam Professional Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is an all-weather, one-component, ready-to-use foam that quickly condenses into a high-strength gel adhesive. It exceeds industry adhesive performance standards and is ideal for fastening gypsum wallboard to wood framing. It can also be used on plywood, OSB, pressure-treated lumber, expanded polystyrene insulation, extruded polystyrene insulation, joists, concrete, steel, aluminum, PVC and painted surfaces.